Finding resources

Many blockages to increased activity in this area revolve around the availability of resources. These are:

  • Human resources; lack of coaches or volunteers
  • Capital resources; shortage of financial backing to initiate or continue the programme
  • Material resources; lack of equipment, transportation and space.

How to overcome a lack of resources:

  • Create effective programmes, that include professional and fun environments for the participants, if the participants enjoy it and it can have an impact on young peoples lives word will spread
  • Volunteers: Use the ideas and resources that people can contribute. Make it a rewarding work experience and career progression opportunity for volunteers
  • Strategy: Be clear about what you want to achieve and how. Build long-lasting partnerships
  • Fundraising activities: Explore business models unique to yourself by spreading your funding income across different income streams. Explore areas such as crowd-funding, if you can show the value your project has it will attract financial support locally and perhaps nationally


Parental permission is critical to involving young children in sport activities. Many parents are reluctant to let their child be present in certain environments without their presence and therefore the child needs the consent and the presence of the parent to participate.

How to overcome:

  • In such occasions programmes should be structured in away that allows parents to be involved in one way or the other
  • Produce informative leaflets, posters, flyers aimed at parents to raise awareness about value creation in sport.