There are now many reference documents that highlight the value of sport for social interventions. Intergovernmental organisations (such as UN agencies, the European Commission, Council of Europe, the WHO), European governments, Sport and Health Ministrys, Sports Governing Bodies and many specialist NGOs have all produced reports and guides on how to use sport.

Here are some that might be of use:

The European Commission has developed a number of documents in this area. They include the overarching White Paper in Sport (2007). Find it here []

Guidance on social inclusion and sport []

Council of Europe (2011). Ethics and sport in Europe.

Council of Europe (2016). Balance in sport: tools to implement gender equality.

Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P. (2015). Code of Sports Ethics.
Access here [].

International Olympic Committee (2017). Social Development Through Sport.
Here [].

Rosa, B. A., (2014). Ethics in Sport - Guidelines for Teachers. Luso-Illyrian Institute for Human Development. Access [].

United Nations (2005). Sport as Tool for Development and Peace: Towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Find here []

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (2016).
The Power of Sport Values. Access here []

Fare network (2018).

Toolkit for working with refugee women, available here []