Carta Etica Anderlini - (Aderlini’s Ethical Code)

Type of activity: Guiding document on ethical principles for athletes and sports clubs.

Target group: Athletes, parents, coaches, referees, sports clubs.

Topic addressed: Sports values.

Values created: Fair-play, social inclusion, respect, integrity and dialogue.

Project impact: The guiding document is being shared and promoted across the clubs that make part of the Anderlini Volleyball School.

Project Description

Their Carta Etica Anderlini (CEA) is a guiding document that sets out the rights, ethical duties and principles to which athletes, coaches, referees and others involved in sport must comply with to ensure fair-play among other sport values.

It is the result of a long process that has seen athletes, coaches, parents and managers get involved in discussions on the values of sport.

“Thanks to CEA our volleyball school has increased the number of members and the quality of the sport as well as ethical practices. This tool has given us the opportunity to build functional places.” Claudia Fiorini, project coordinator of CEA.

“When we founded our foundation, the aim was to develop a project that would make possible to link sport values and daily efforts. The CEA has helped us build something that brings together the two.” Rodolfo Giovenzana, president of Scuola Di Pallavolo Anderlini.

Main outputs

  • Guiding document for all involved in sport on the social values of sport
  • Reinforce rights, ethical duties and principal of all in sport

About Volleyball School Anderlini

Volleyball School Anderlini is a grassroots club born in 1985 club committed to educate younger generations through the practice of volleyball. Since 2016 the club’s increasing focus on promoting social values has lead to the creation of specific programmes to further both.