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Sostegno Ovale Onlus Association


Bufali Rossi Team (Red Buffaloes Rugby Team)

Type of activity: Rugby sessions at the club’s ground in Colorno.

Target group: Youth aged 18 to 30 years old.

Topic addressed: Social inclusion and mental disability.

Values created: Integration, sense of community and teamwork.

Project impact: Since its start in 2014 the project has grown to actively involve 15 players in regular sessions. The impact on the participants has been recorded through improvements in their social and physical skills. The club has an ongoing fundraising campaign to help buy a minibus to transport the players to matches and training sessions.

Project Description

Bufali Rossi Team is an initiative born out of the need to address the exclusion and isolation of mentally disabled young men.

The game’s unique characteristics allow everyone to play and its core values of respect, discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork are a platform for engaging socially excluded groups.

Through regular sessions, the participants are given the opportunity to try rugby, while developing soft skills including teamwork, communication and allowing them to grow their confidence and sense of belonging.

“I started by playing football but there was no place for me in football. Then I came here to play rugby. This is an excellent sport and it helps me make friends, be part of a team and breakdown those walls of isolation built over the years.” Pietro, Bufali Rossi Athlete

Main outputs

  • Platform to create engage and creating opportunities for mentally disabled youth in sport
  • Work soft and transferable skills
  • Further social inclusion

About Sostegno Ovale Onlus Association

Sostegno Ovale Onlus Associazione is the social arm of Rugby Colorno created to help carry out social intervention activities to communities at risk of exclusion.