Eurovale – Saving Education Project

Type of activity: Training and matches at the club’s ground.

Target group: Teenagers up to 18 years old.

Topic addressed: Citizenship and decision making.

Values created: Positive behaviour, teamwork, responsibility and respect.

Project impact: The initiative allows youth to understand the impact of their action through a system that rewards and penalises their actions.

Project Description

Eurovale have created a virtual coin – Rugbyno – which athletes earn for good and positive behaviour and are charged for bad and poor behaviour.

This helps the athletes understand that common work, respect and good and positive behaviour ‘pays off’.

Athletes must open an account with the local bank and are given an initial balance of 500 Rugbyni (equivalent to 2 Euro) and they can build on that by performing positive work and practices.

Reward and fine systems: 1 Rubyno for attending each training session, 2 Rugbyni for attending each event/meeting organised by the club, 10 for positive school report at the end of every month, 20 for the use of appropriate kit during training, 100 for averaging at least 60% on school grades and bringing a friend to training, 200 for averaging at least 70% on school grades and 500 for involving parents in the club’s functions (for example, coaching and volunteering). And then, -5 for failing to inform about absence from training and wearing the incorrect kit and -50 for poor behaviour in training and matches.

Main outputs

  • Create a values rewarding system, which awards positive work and penalises the opposite
  • Introduce an perspective of economy and savings to youth

About Rugby Colorno Eurovale

Eurovale is an initiative developed by Rugby Colorno and local bank Cariparma that aims to encourage athletes to engage positively on their day-to-day life with the club and in society.