Maria Pujol

Type of activity: Training sessions at Parque Alcosa, Simon Verde and the Seville’s high Performance Sports centre.

Target group: Children and youth between 5 and 16 years-old.

Topic addressed: Health and wellbeing.

Values created: Empowerment, equality and perseverance.

Project impact: The initiative is deployed in various locations across Seville and today 200 women work with the academy to help promote sport for women and healthy living.

The membership in Parque Alcosa (one of the 3 Sport academies) has increased from 30 in 2016 to 80 in 2017.

The initiative is well known among coaches and young athletes and has received significant recognition in Seville.

Project Description

Maria Pujol created the first Triathlon Sports Academy in Seville and, through sport, Pujol works with children and youth to further the values of equality, empowerment and social inclusion.

The academy offers swimming and cycling classes of one and a half hours. At the end of term social events are organised for academy members to share experiences and ideas. In collaboration with the University of Seville they organise various workshops on topics such as healthy living and equality in sport.

Main outputs

  • Increase the participation of women and girls in sport.
  • Promote health and wellbeing lifestyles.

About Maria Pujol Thrialon School

Maria Pujol Thrialon School is grassroots club aimed at increasing physical activity among children, in particular girls, and healthy lifestyles.