Project Description

Lernort Stadion e.V. is a network of learning centres, providing educational tools and advice in the field of football and education

The not-for-profit organisation uses sport and education to further youth welfare with learning programmes are specifically tailored for young people.

Main outputs:

  • Provide opportunities for youth at risk
  • Increase civic awareness and citizenship education
  • Strengthen social skills

About Lernort Stadion e.V

Lernort Stadion e.V. uses young people’s interest in sport to promote and increase their civic awareness and political engagement.

Classes and workshops are held by the centres’ coaches and teachers in stadium facilities, strengthening a network in which students have access to these spaces and clubs can further their involvement in education.

The sport environment is used to pass on learning competences.

The project’s target group is mainly youth at risk of exclusion. During the classes topics such as violence, discrimination and stereotypes are addressed, promoting debates among participants.

Type of activity: Educational classes and workshops in football stadiums.

Target group: Youth aged 13-18.

Topics addressed: Discrimination, violence, stereotypes, social skills.

Values created: Dialogue, responsibility, civic awareness.

Project impact:
The project’s unique methodology is currently adopted by 23 centres in 12 German cities. It has touched over 40,000 youth.