Lega Serie B

Name of initiative: Un giorno per la nostra citta (One day for our City)

Type of activity: Four-day event where Lega Serie B clubs, players and municipalities engage in activities to promote social responsibility in the local communities (schools, streets, amateur clubs, day centres).

Target group: Players, coaches, technical staff, fans and citizens living in the 23 Serie B club cities.

Topic addressed :Social inclusion, diversity, civic awareness.

Values created: Social inclusion, social responsibility, citizenship education.

Project impact: ‘Un giorno per la nostra citta’ is Lega Serie B’s most successful social responsibility initiative. Since its start in 2013 it has engaged thousands of athletes, coaches and technical staff, and citizens, promoting a closer relationship and sense of responsibility between clubs and communities.

Project Description

Lega Serie B launched in 2013 a new social responsibility initiative involving its 22 clubs, players and fans.

Every season, for four days, players, coaches and technical staff are asked to dedicate time to the initiative and engage with local communities through football matches, visits to hospitals, cleanup activities in the cities or supporting projects of social inclusion.

Activities are determined by the clubs and communities in connection with the specific focus of the campaign for the season season.

‘Un giorno per la nostra citta’ engages hundreds of people every year and is backed by the Italian Players’ and Coaches’ Associations and Municipalities’ National Association.

Main Outputs

  • Further clubs’ social responsibility and community engagement
  • Increase civic awareness and citizenship education
  • Give profile and encourage grassroots and community-based programmes
  • Tackle cultural barriers

About Lega Serie B

Lega Serie B is Italy’s second-tier professional football league and a trailblazer in Italian football on social responsibility, such as social inclusion, anti-discrimination and civic awareness.