KAS Life Skills

Type of activity: Sports classes in schools in and around the city of Eupen.

Target group: Youth aged 13-16.

Topic addressed: Equality and disability.

Values created: Motivation, self-confidence and social inclusion.

Project impact: The uniqueness of the project is its ability to impact both the target group and the players who get involved. For the target groups it builds soft skills and motivation in the classroom; for the players it increases their engagement in community work and knowledge around being a role model.

Project Description

KAS Life Skills is an initiative aimed at helping youth with disabilities gain confidence and build character.

Through the cooperation with schools, the initiative engages the club’s players in social responsibility activities, while providing a platform for youth to connect with the club and be inspired by its ambassadors.

Two to five players visit designated schools to participate in sports classes composed of mixed groups of no more than 18 students. This environment allows the players and the youth to exchange and share experiences.

The athletes learn that their image as role models and responsible citizens has a major impact on the younger generation. At the same time, the sessions are used as a means to motivate and engage the participants.

“Our students get the chance to show their skills and to interact with professional football players in the regular sports class. The presence and the fact that in some sports the professionals are not better than them, give them self-confidence and motivation to focus on their strengths and to realise for themselves, that they can do something – despite what others say. The students are much more motivated after such sessions.” Andreas Jähner, Sports teacher, Centre of specific education AS Eupen

Main outputs

  • To address the lack of sport and social integration programs
  • To increase motivation and dedication of young people with disability in the classroom
  • To build character and raise awareness of the Life Skills programme

About K.A.S Eupen

K.A.S Eupen is a Belgian professional club. It became in 2010 the first club from the German-speaking Community to play in the Belgian Pro League. http://as-eupen.be/