On the Ball

Type of activity: Coaching and training sessions, leagues and tournaments in sport centres.

Target group: Youth aged 12-25.

Topic addressed: Personal and community development and social inclusion.

Values created: Leadership, respect, empowerment and positive attitude towards learning.

Project impact: The programme has attracted and engaged over 650 young people in the local community.

Since the launch of the programme, many of our young people have had the opportunity to access training courses qualifications such as Equality and Diversity, Refereeing course, Football Association Level 1 in Football Coaching and VRQ using sport to tackle youth crime.

Project Description

On the Ball is an initiative created to support young people by training them to become leaders in their community and inspire others and to engage them in educational activities and using sport as a medium for learning.

As a part of their weekly football sessions the foundation provides the young people, who are involved with the academy, vocational training including youth work, leadership skills, mentoring and accredited coaching badges.

By combining sports activities with educational training courses such as employability skills and mentoring, the foundation hopes young participants on the programme will gain increased levels of academic achievement, positive attitude to learning and higher aspirations for the future.

Main outputs

  • Engage and support young people in sport, education and society
  • Provide vocal training for youth and using sport as a medium for learning

About The Jason Roberts Foundation

The Jason Roberts Foundation is an non-governmental organisation established in 2007 by former professional footballer Jason Roberts to promote equal opportunities, rights and representation for individuals regardless of background. http://jasonrobertsfoundation.com