Healthy Goals: Better Lives

Type of activity: Classes in sports clubs.

Target group: Youth aged 15-18.

Topic addressed: Physical activity and healthier lifestyles.

Values created: Personal development, empowerment to make informed decision and improved self-esteem.

Project impact: In 2016 in cooperation with Everton in the Community (EITC) and National Citizenship Service (NCS), a pilot test was successfully carried out, which counted with the involvement of over 160 youth. Twice as many people as the initial intended number.

Results from 2016 test programme:

  • 69% of young people increased the amount of physical activity they do per week.
  • 83% improved their diet by eating more fruit and vegetables and by reducing consumption of unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks.
  • 40% felt they could manage their health more effectively and make better choices after the course.

Project Description

Healthy Stadia has developed a bespoke healthy lifestyle and motivational programme - Healthy Goals, Better Lives - that uses the power of sport to educate on key lifestyle risk factors.

The programme trains club community coaches and staff to deliver interactive sessions offering a balanced approach to healthier lifestyles, giving young people a greater understanding of the issues at stake. Key themes considered during the course include:

-Physical activity and fitness

-Healthier diet, cooking and shopping for food

-Tobacco and cannabis use

-Illegal recreational drugs and new psychoactive substances

Materials include: powerpoint presentations, classroom-based games, physical activity sessions and lifestyle survey.

In addition to this, youth will also benefit from an introduction to ‘goal setting’ as a key tool for helping to make lifestyle choices. Short and long-term goals are set and run through the programme, offering participants an understanding for making changes to lifestyle. Staff receive training on goal setting and a set of practical tools to help with delivery.

The lifestyle survey, completed by all participants pre and post-programme, is designed to capture both attitudinal and behavioural data set.

Main outputs

  • To train coaches and staff to deliver the Healthy Goals programmes
  • To assist with the development of a healthier lifestyle for young adults
  • To increase participation in physical activity
  • To improve sedentary behaviour

About Healthy Stadia

Healthy Stadia is a European network that collaborates with sport clubs, operators and governing bodies to develop policies and practices that contribute towards the health and safety of fans, stadia workforce and their communities.