Etnoliga is regular football integration project of Warsaw-based Fundacja dla Wolności, and the only of its kind in Poland.

Over 300 people compete in the tournament that last up to 10 weeks. The leagues run twice a year, with the games played on Sundays with morning and afternoon sessions.

The 20 teams are split into two groups in a round-robin format. The top 8 teams advance to the finals as the tournament changes format into a knockout stage.

The top right teams advance to the finals as the tournament changes format into a knockout stage.

Throughout its stages, each team makes presentations - topics at a choice - aimed at increasing cultural awareness, break down stereotypes, promote exchanges, etc.

Solidarity action are organised around national and international days such as, World Refugee Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination or the Schuman Parade.

The project is free of charge.

Main outputs:

  • Connect and activitate diverse communities through sport
  • Facilitate social inclusion
  • Break down stereotypes be it around gender, religion or origin

Krzysztof Jarymowicz, Etnoliga coordinator said, “We organised our first cross-cultural tournament in 2005 and in 2010 – due to growing interest – we transformed it into a league. Such initiatives, are pivotal today to establish free paths of communication and interchange between communities”.

Name of initiative: Etnoliga

Type & venue of activity: Multicultural football league played in a sport centre.

Target group: Ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees and women.

Topic addressed: Social inclusion, gender equality, mutual help, tolerance.

Values created: Culture exchange, solidarity, dialogue.

Project’s impacts
Etnoliga is a long-term social programme since 2005 that is based on the activation of diverse communities through football.

It brings together different people and confront them with other communities and atypical pairings and methods.

Hundreds of people have met and found common interest with strangers. It efficiently breaks down stereotypes be it about gender, religion or origin.