Discover Football

Type of activity: Football and women’s rights festivals.

Target group: Girls and women and female refugees.

Topic addressed: Equality, inclusion, empowerment, stereotypes, cultural barriers.

Values created: Self-esteem, skill-building, civic engagement.

Project impact: The festivals are unique gatherings for women and girls from across the world and a platform for a global network. Hundreds of women have been involved in the project since its kick-off in 2011, helping increase the opportunities, exposure and awareness of women’s football globally.

Project Description

Since 2011, Berlin-based Discover Football has been running an annual football festival for women and girls comprised of playing activities, panel discussions, workshops of self-defense, media skills and others, film screenings, music and concerts.

Every two years the festival is organised in Berlin, while touring around different countries and communities on the other years, such as Lebanon in 2015 and India in 2017.

The long term goal is to to promote women’s football and the involvement of women in football, establish regular girls’ and women’s football teams and training opportunities, empower women and their participation in society through sport, and challenge traditional gender roles.

Each festival brings together around 100 women and girls, including players, coaches, referees, journalists and others working in sport.

Main outputs

  • Highlight contribution of football for gender equality and female empowerment
  • Create opportunities for women and girls in football
  • Challenge traditional gender roles

To build capacity in women’s football and give visibility to the game.

About Discover Football

DISCOVER FOOTBALL is grassroots movement using the power of football to promote gender equality, female empowerment and to break down barriers to inclusion and participation in football.