Champions Neukölln League

Type of activity: Football league played on a street pitch.

Target group: Girls and boys aged 10-14.

Topic addressed: Gender equality, social inclusion and cultural understanding.

Values created: Integration, solidarity and empowerment.

Project impact: The initiative offers a low-threshold access to football for the girls. Participants only have to bring indoor shoes and a letter of consent from parents to join, for which getting involved is easy.

Project Description

In the Neukölln district of Berlin recreational centres join forces to create a league composed of 6 tournaments occurring annually. Each recreational centre organises a tournament and at the end of the season the results are added up to determine the overall winner.

The tournament has a low-threshold of requirements (compared to joining an official club) because the girls only need the permission of their parents to participate. This allows many girls to be involved without a great level of commitment.

The league also adopts a unique scoring system that incorporates fair play. Teams are awarded points based on their behaviour on the pitch. For example, 0 points for unfair behaviour, 1 point for having predominantly fair play behaviour and 2 points for having very fair play behaviour. This system is used in case of a tie in the tournament once the final points are added up, the winner is chosen according to the fair play points earned by each team.

Main outputs

  • Provide playing opportunities to girls
  • Provide low-threshold access to football
  • Introduce girls to sport association

The fundamental elements of the initiative are mainly a regular attendance of trainings and the emphasis on the fair play philosophy. Therefore the decision about who is allowed to play in the tournament is made based on the commitment and fairness they display in training during the course of the year.

About Champions Neukölln League

Champions Neukolln is an amateur league for boys and girls that aims to promote the inclusion and participation of girls in football.