Il CSI per il Mondo (CSI to the world)

Type of activity: International volunteering sport project focused on education through sport. Sessions take place in indoors and outdoors facilities.

Target group: Children and youth.

Topic addressed: Social inclusion, collaboration, skills.

Values created: Cultural understanding, solidarity, personal development.

Project impact: In 2017 only, a group of 35 volunteers carried out various CSI activities in three continents in a space of 10 weeks, including football matches involving a total of 1000 children.

The success of the initiative has earned the recognition from the Italian Football Federation and collaboration with the Italian Olympic Committee and the Serie A, along with the support from many Italian local sport federations, goodwill ambassadors and sport clubs.

Project description

International volunteering sport project using sport for education and personal development in Albania, Haiti, DR Congo and Cameroon.

Every summer, youth from CSI member organisations take up volunteer roles as social animators, referees and managers to share the network’s values and ensure the continuity of the four projects that provide sport activities for children and youth in Africa, the Americas and Europe.

It is targeted at volunteers between 20-50 years old and children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds aged between three and 16, who will benefit from the sport activities.

Volunteers are required to work in the communities for a minimum period of 15 days. Activities include organising sports tournaments, after-school sessions, national sport days.

Main outputs

  • Promote an international solidarity movement
  • Create volunteering opportunities
  • Offer sport activities to disadvantaged children

“The idea is that volunteers reach out and work with disadvantaged communities, and when they come back they look at this as a unique human adventure.” Valentina Piazza, CSI Per il Mondo Project Manager

About Centro Sportivo Italiano

Centro Sportivo Italiano is a not-for-profit organisation driven by volunteers to promote sport as mean further education, value creation and social integration.