White Fairplay Card

Type of activity: League matches.

Target group: Players, parents and spectators.

Topic addressed: Promote fair-play and positive behaviour.

Values created: Fairplay, respect.

Project impact: The initiative leads to positive behaviour and promotes a game based on respect and fairness and counters violence and insolence. An example of its impact is to see during a tournament a player be shown the card for telling the referee that he had not been fouled after the referee awarded a penalty in his team’s favour.

Project Description

The White Fairplay Card is an initiative that uses a white card to promote respect and positive sport values on and off the pitch.

The project works with players, coaches, parents and others participating in the league and championship matches.

The card enables referees to recognise and reward ethically sound and relevant attitudes and behaviour of those involved in the game. It could be awarded to an individual if it is recognised that the individual’s actions lead to solidarity, respect or fair play, on and off the pitch. It can be shown at any time during a game.

The White Fair Play Card was first introduced during the Vila Pouca de Aguiar International Football tournament, in Portugal, with the aim to change their approach towards tackling unacceptable behaviour at football matches.

Main outputs

  • Increase positive behaviours on and off the pitch
  • Build positive relationships between teams, referees and spectators
  • Increase the regularity of fair play actions

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