About Us

“Saving the dream of grassroots sport based on values” (Save it) is a pan-European project, co-funded by the European Commission, which promotes the recognition of sports values as a key element in fighting against intolerance, forms of exclusion, promoting integration, and draws attention to its relevance for the development of young people.

As part of the project the partners have collected and analysed good practices that create value; developed innovative educational tools to promote social values; and developed learning tools designed for players and coaches.

You can also view the project website, here.

Partners involved

The Save it project represents a consortium of partners with extensive expertise in education, sport and social development; promoting sport as a mean to disseminate social integration; and in tackling discrimination and prejudice in grassroots.

Partners involved are: Altum Foundation (Spain), AS Eupen VoG (Belgium), Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), Fare network (United Kingdom), Fundacion Culturalista (Spain), Clube Desportivo Panther Force Gaia (Portugal) and Rugby Colorno (Italy).